Maximize the value of our mineral reserves in a safe and responsible manner while restoring all of our mine sites in harmony with the local community’s objectives.


For example, on the Boston and Carey mining sites, we have authorized the recreational tourism development of the Sentier des mineurs by the municipality of Sacré-Coeur-de-Jésus. Currently, in partnership with Englobe, we are revegetating and reforesting a significant part of the Carey mine. In addition, we have finalized commercial agreements with KSM Inc. and Eco2 Magnésia which will generate value from the mineral reserves and, in time, totally restore this mine site.

Fishermen on the flooded pit of our former Boston mine located in Sacré-Coeur-de-Jésus in Chaudière-Appalaches.



Develop strategic alliances

Facilitate access to our mineral reserves and obtain government authorization certificates with our partners.

Reduce and neutralize chrysotile fibers

Reduce and neutralize, responsibly and safely, chrysotile fibers from our mineral reserves, while benefiting from great social acceptability.

Mine Site Restoration

Accelerate mine site rehabilitation in an environmentally friendly, sustainable and innovative manner.

CO2 Capture

Actively support the development of CO2 capture technologies.

Renewable energies

Promote the establishment of wind, solar and energy storage farms on our sites.

of the service

Reduce the Ecological Footprint

Foster Innovative Technologies.

Promote the Circular Economy

Use our reserves of minerals already mined and crushed.

Create Quality Jobs

Create high-tech jobs.

Improve Air Quality

Develop the potential for CO2 capture from our mineral reserves.

Restore the Mine Sites

Reimagine the landscape by reshaping, revegetating and reforesting it.

Ensure the Sustainability of the Company

Concretize the valorization of our mineral reserves for the years to come.

Create Community and Shareholder's Value

Maximize our Assets.

Our partners