3R Mineral is mandated by its parent company to promote strategic alliances based on the valorization of metals and minerals contained in serpentine piles while promoting the circular economy and the neutralization of its asbestos ore reserves, as well as for the development of real estate projects.

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3R Mineral eliminates the risks associated with asbestos mine tailings for our partners, because our parent company retains all responsibilities related to mining liabilities while we are recognized for our ability to neutralize and market these asbestos ore reserves in a safe and responsible manner.

These innovative industrial partners, creators of wealth and quality jobs, will also generate direct socio-economic and environmental benefits for the region for several years to come. That explains why they enjoy such a great social acceptability in the region.

3R Mineral will also foster strategic alliances to develop its real estate portfolio, reduce the ecological footprint and evaluate the development of wind, solar, geothermal and energy storage potential on its properties.

Our partners

Eco2 magnesia

ECO2 Magnesia is part of a new generation of companies determined to minimize their ecological footprint. The vision of ECO2 Magnesia goes beyond the traditional and linear business model of extracting, manufacturing, consuming, throwing away. THE ENTIRE ECO2 chain of operation – from design to laboratory to commercialization – is based on the concept of offering a "second life": recycle, reuse and revalorize.
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KSM Inc.

KSM Inc. is a private company of Thetford Mines whose objective is to commercialize an innovative fertilizer production process. The technology developed uses potash and sulfuric acid to produce potassium sulfate (SOP) and potassium and magnesium sulfate (SOPM), two high-end fertilizers.
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Englobe is recognized as a Canadian leader in the fields of environment, engineering, soil and biomass treatment, and asset quality and integrity management. Our role as a specialist service provider in these different spheres leads us to develop infrastructures for multiple clients in the public and private domains, worldwide.
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Béton Provincial

Béton Provincial offers products of exceptional quality that meet the most ambitious construction projects. Whether for prepared, precast or bituminous concrete needs, crushing products or aggregate. Béton Provincial stands out for its unparalleled service as well as modern, efficient and sustainable products.
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Groupement Agro-forestier Lotbinière-Mégantic Inc.

The mission of Groupement Agro-Forestier Lotbinière-Mégantic Inc. is the intensive management of forest resources on private lands in a context of sustainable development. This organization also contributes to the socio-economic development of the region through job creation and the enrichment of the forest heritage.
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Coalia provides applied research and technical assistance services related to the development or optimization of innovative processes and products. It serves companies and organizations in the plastics and mineral technology sectors.
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The Institut national de la recherche scientifique (INRS) is the only university in Quebec dedicated exclusively to high-level research and training in the 2nd and 3rd cycles. The first university in Canada for its research intensity (grants per professor), INRS brings together 150 professors and nearly 700 students and postdoctoral fellows in four campuses.
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The Société de développement économique de la région de Thetford (SDE) is an important organization dedicated to the development of the local economy and employment in the Thetford region (MRC des Appalaches). Proactive in its community, it demonstrates the importance of a commitment for the entire region.
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