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Real estate

In total, 4,684 hectares of land (504 million square feet) including 59% forest land, 32% mining sites and 9% building land.
Real estate


In collaboration with the various municipalities, 3R Mineral develops real estate projects in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors and features its mining buildings for rental purposes.

Aerial view Black Lake sector and British Canadian mines

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Develop strategic alliances

Optimize the value of all our properties in collaboration with developers and builders in the region.

Restore mine sites

Accelerate the restoration of mine sites in an environmentally friendly, sustainable and innovative manner to facilitate their development.

Land management

Follow the forest management plan to enhance our forests and allow them to be sustainable.

Quarry and sand pit

Exploit our granite quarries as well as our gravel and sand pits.

Benefits of the service

Reduce the Ecological Footprint

Maintain the forest management plan for our lands as well as replant and reforest our mine sites.

Promote the Circular Economy

Englobe applies innovative solutions to our mining sites that use recycled materials in a circular economy principle to create a substrate that promotes plant growth.

Improve Air Quality

Increase the potential for CO2 capture through our ultramafic mineral reserves, our forests and the revegetation of our territory.

Restore the Mine Sites

Reimagine the landscape by reshaping, revegetating and reforesting it.

Ensure the Sustainability of the Company

Enhance our real estate assets for the coming years

Create Community and Shareholder's Value

Maximize our Assets

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